Downtown & Suburban Revitalization

Integrated Real Estate, Public Policy and 

Stakeholder Engagement Strategies

Our Mission


Integrated for Triple Bottom Line Outcomes

We work with communities and regions to expand their economic base and improve quality of life.

Our integrated approach to community revitalization that creates and connects vibrant places where people want to live, work, learn, shop and play.


Community Driven Results for the Private Sector


We help developers and land owners maximize economic returns while increasing economic, social and environmental benefits for the communities in which they work.

Whether it's a public or private sector led effort, 3BL strongly believes in a partnership approach that includes stakeholder involvedment throughout the process. We take the P3, and add the C. Public-Private Community Partnerships.

Downtown & Suburban Revitalization


With over 15 years experience in mixed-use, downtown and transit oriented development, 3BL can help public and private sector clients facilitate complex development 

Place-Based Economic Development


Quality of place has become a key driver for economic growth. To attract today's valued workforce, companies demand vibrant, walkable and amenity-rich neighborhoods.

Public Engagement & Facilitation Services


We utilize grass roots, crowdsourced engagement to co-create market driven visions that are focused on implementation, to deliver triple bottom line outcomes.